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Imagine tying your dominant hand behind your back today and then trying to accomplish all your usual tasks.

What kind of a day would you have?

If you’re like me, you’d make it work. You could adapt and figure out other ways to compensate. But it would slow you down immensely and make life more challenging than it needs to be.

Consider the possibility that you might be doing this to yourself in another way—one that’s not as obvious as a hand tied behind your back. You might not be accessing the energetic half of your potential and that is when we feel :

Left Out!!

Burn Out!!

Frustrated and unable !! and many more negative feelings which give rise to negative behaviour.

Here are 2 steps to access it today:

1. Look At Everything As Energy.........


Your thoughts are energetic impulses in your brain !

The atoms in your fingers are energy!

The screen you’re reading this on, is energy!

Why is this idea so important?

Because, we need to understand that energy can be directed. And if you are not consciously directing your own energy, it is probably being influenced by something else or somebody else. Your powerful personal energy might even be tied behind your back because of the energetic expectations of others. You are an energetic being with enormous potential and power.

Believe it ! Don't let anyone convince you otherwise!

2. Identify How Your Unique Energy Moves......

Even if you understand everything is energy, you might still tie up your potential by trying to live in an energetic movement contrary to who you are. This is exactly like a guided tour where you have limited independent options.

In nature, there are 4 different kinds of natural energy.Which one of these Energy Types resonates with you?

Type 1 Energy: This energy is light, buoyant and random.

If you express dominant Type 1 Energy, you are spontaneous and naturally have endless new ideas. You can connect with an idea quickly and then disconnect just as quickly.

Energetic tip: If you live or work in a structured environment, your natural energy can get stifled. Give yourself some unstructured time to be spontaneous today.

Type 2 Energy: This energy is more fluid, flowing, and subtle.

If you express dominant Type 2 Energy, you move through life making connections with people and with plans. Naturally quieter, you ask a lot of questions and gather details.

Energetic tip: Your energy can get overwhelmed if you have to make a lot of decisions on the spot. Give yourself time to think things through and request that others do the same.

Type 3 Energy: This energy is active, fiery, and dynamic.

If you express dominant Type 3 Energy, you naturally move forward with a push. Your focus is always on the end result and you move toward it swiftly.

Energetic tip: Give yourself time outside to move at your quick pace. Your energy is naturally big and physical. Giving yourself outlets to express it keeps you energetically balanced in other situations.

Type 4 Energy: This energy is constant, still, and reflective.

If you express dominant Type 4 Energy, you are a deep thinker. You see the big picture and you always recognize ways to improve on current situations and systems.

Energetic tip: Give yourself some time and space away from everyone. While alone time is important for everyone, your energy gets particularly out of balance if you don稚 have regularly scheduled time for solitude.

Tap Into Your Natural Healing Power

You already have strong, vibrant energy within you. When you understand the mind/body energy system, it’s simple to activate your own healing powers with healing techniques.

Here’s just one, simple technique that can help you think more positively and get personal insight:

  • Press with all your fingers on your forehead, just above your eyebrows. Apply as much pressure as feels good.

  • As you do this for 1-3 minutes, think about a story in your life that’s stressing you. Observe it. Consider it.

  • Pressure on your neurovascular points flows blood to the more ingenious and inspired part of the brain. As the front part of your brain activates, you will see things more clearly and insights will open up. Imagine the front part of your brain turning on like a light.

  • After you finish, take three deep breaths and relax. You just tapped into your own body’s energetic power to influence your life.

Don't leave your potential restricted or unfulfilled. Free yourself from any energetic constraints you have and live life today as the brilliant, vibrant, energetic individual that you are.

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